Cathedral Caverns State Park

CaveEntrance.JPGThe Nations most magnificent park, nature's million year monument, a 14-acre underground World. Features the World's Largest Cave Opening, the World's Largest Stalagmite and the World's Largest Frozen Waterfall. Just 5 miles from Grant, in Kennamer Cove, is Cathedral Caverns. These caverns have gained a national reputation as one of the best scenic attractions in Alabama and the South.

Experience the beauty of the stalagmite formations with special lighting that further enhances their natural beauty, all with names that fit their shapes and size. The cavern will carry you 3,559 feet from the time you enter the cave until reaching the end of the tour.

cave 001.jpgCathedral Caverns was originally called Bats Cave. Jacob (Jay) Gurley bought the cave in 1955 and opened it to the public. When he took his wife into the caverns for the first time, she was struck by the beauty of one big room with all the stalagmites and stalactites and said that it looked like a "cathedral". Gurley changed the name of the cave to Cathedral Caverns. Cathedral Caverns became a state park in 1987. It includes 461 acres of land near Grant, AL. The caverns reopened to the public in August, 2000.



637 Cave Rd.
Woodville, AL 35776
phone: 256-728-8193

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