Grant Chamber of Commerce

MISSION: The mission of the Grant Chamber of Commerce is to create unity between the businesses and the community, and to encourage the development of all segments of the community. 
The Grant Chamber of Commerce was organized and the bylaws were incorporated in 1999. Brenda Barnes, President & CEO of Peoples State Bank in Grant, led the efforts to create an organization where businesses in the Grant community could come together for support. Brenda Barnes remains on the Executive Board as Ex-Officio Member, along with the Mayor of Grant, Larry Walker, also Ex-Officio Member of the Grant Chamber. The Chamber building was built in 1954 and used as charity house for residents of Grant. 
The Grant Chamber is growing! At present we have aprx 100+ members, made up of individuals & local and government businesses in and around the Grant area.We have members in New Hope, Guntersville, Arab, Albertville & Huntsville. 

Officers for 2016:
President  - Lamar Pendergrass
Vice President - Tiffany Motes
Secretary - Kathie Hodges
Treasurer - Tiffany Motes
Board Member - Shirley Baggett
Board Member - Josh Barnes
Board Member - Dave Powell
Board Member - Donna Watson

DAR School Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator


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